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The Governance of Energy in China. Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

Governance_of_EnergyChina is both the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world and the country with the greatest challenge to constrain the level of its emissions. The way in which energy is governed in China is an important factor driving its rising level of carbon dioxide emissions. … Continue Reading ››

Modelling Long-Term Scenarios for Low-Carbon Societies : Book Review

publication_images_Modelling_Long_Term_Scenarios_435729480With the ever-increasing impacts of climate change it is now clear that global society will have to restructure its energy systems in order to decrease carbon emissions. The scenarios under which this transition to Low Carbon Societies (LCS) could occur would have complex economic, technological, behavioural and … Continue Reading ››

International Competition for Resources: The Role of Law, the State and of Markets

publication_images_International_Competition_for_Resources_455771593International Competition, edited by Philip Andrews-Speed, Director of CEPMLP, examines the evolving and current state of the energy and minerals industry from the perspective of competition for resources, focusing on the role of law, the state and markets. This collection of six papers is the product of … Continue Reading ››

China’s energy policy and its contribution to international stability

publication_images_China__s_Energy_Policy_and_its_Contribution_296816257As China's economy continues its sustained and rapid growth, so does its demand for energy and other natural resource raw materials.  China is now the second largest consumer of primary commercial energy after the USA, accounting for 15% of the world's total.  Over the four year period … Continue Reading ››

Energy policy and regulation in the People’s Republic of China

publication_images_Energy_Policy_and_Regulation_116776472China is the world's second largest consumer of commercial energy and is therefore a significant contributor to atmospheric pollution. It is becoming a major player in global and regional markets for energy products, services and investment. This book provides an overview of the formulation and implementation of … Continue Reading ››