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Hinkley Point boosts China’s nuclear ambitions

hinkley-point-c The United Kingdom government’s decision in September 2016 to give final approval for Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant gives a boost not only to the future of nuclear energy in the UK, but also to China’s ambitions of becoming a major exporter of nuclear technology. China is … Continue Reading ››

China presses ahead with nuclear energy

  China nuclear China presses ahead with nuclear energy, but challenges remain Whilst the expansion of nuclear energy capacity has largely stalled in Europe, the USA and Japan, China is one of the few countries to be adding to existing capacity and has the world’s largest fleet of new plants. Total … Continue Reading ››

China-Iran energy relations after UN sanctions

China Iran pipeline

China-Iran energy relations after the lifting of UN sanctions

Whilst Xi Jinping’s trip to Iran in January 2016 had great diplomatic significance, the primary objective was economic, and energy will have featured prominently among the many deals signed. This should pave the way for more inward investment … Continue Reading ››