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China Shakes up its Pipeline Network

China Shakes up its Pipeline Network The national oil companies (NOCs), principally PetroChina, have played a central role in building up and operating China's network of pipelines over the last 20 years. However, the dominance of these enterprises over the network and the lack of an enforced third-party access … Continue Reading ››

Reform of China’s oil industry under low prices

NOCs Reform of China’s oil industry at a time of low prices Economic reform is high on the national agenda, at least according to the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, held more than two years ago in November 2013. Specific proposals included, among … Continue Reading ››

Reforming China’s national oil companies: big bang or small steps?

NOCs The last few months have seen a great deal of press speculation about Chinese government plans to reform its national oil companies (NOCs) and the NOC’s own plans to attract co-investors. It is still not clear whether the NOCs face wholesale restructuring or just incremental reforms. Either way, the … Continue Reading ››